August 19, 2010

Employee Information System (EIS)

Employee Information System (EIS)

Initially, this system has been researched in Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). The main focus of the system is to improve the staffs working performance (especially academician, administrator and technical staff) in Faculty Computer Science and Information Technology (FCSIT).

Basically, the idea in developing this system using web-based is the availability for the FCSIT employee to perform administrative tasks and store information in the system. The main idea is to implement the system as a web-based system by eliminating the need to install application and at the same time to ease the maintenance and update the system by the system administrator.

The existence of this system also due to:

· Communication problem among workers in the organization. For example worker cannot communicate with other staff different department.

· Problems which workers’ faced in their workplace normally involving the application. They can consult system administrator for the solution to their problems once the system is implemented.

· Problem in monitoring daily activities of staff.

download [Employee Information System (EIS)]


  1. Hye Remi. Remi amik course apa ekh ?
    Information system ? Buat FYP ?

  2. Software Engineering...
    ye FYP...... hihi

  3. macam subjek aku belajar la..MGT 420...



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