January 31, 2010

i can walk alone

i can walk alone without another people... i can do what i want, what i do... nothing impossible if cannot do that.. (^__^)

Project Schedule FYP II

This Final Year Project II was initially started from 1st of January 2010 and will be due for submission on 1th of April 2010.

Project Schedule FYP I

This Final Year Project 1 was initially started from 1st of July 2009 and will be due for submission on 15th of November 2009.

January 24, 2010

Detect a User's IP Address

echo "Your IP Address is $ip";

This code to detect a user's IP address. This can help you specialize the site's content for your users, or redirect them based on location. You can also use a person's IP address as a security measure to make sure it is actually them logging into their account.

January 23, 2010

EIS - Employee Information System

This is interface design for Employee Information System (EIS). Interface design allows the user to communicate with the information system. Some of the system design provides menu or choices for the user to choose from to execute a task. This will help user to understand system instruction and allow the user to use the system more efficiently without any problem. This system under construction... (^__^)

January 19, 2010


A new collection. external hardisk 2.5 (500GB).


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