August 30, 2010

Selamat menyambut hari keMERDEKAan

Selamat menyambut hari keMERDEKAan....
sambut lah dgn jiwa selamat ye....

August 19, 2010

Employee Information System (EIS)

Employee Information System (EIS)

Initially, this system has been researched in Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). The main focus of the system is to improve the staffs working performance (especially academician, administrator and technical staff) in Faculty Computer Science and Information Technology (FCSIT).

Basically, the idea in developing this system using web-based is the availability for the FCSIT employee to perform administrative tasks and store information in the system. The main idea is to implement the system as a web-based system by eliminating the need to install application and at the same time to ease the maintenance and update the system by the system administrator.

The existence of this system also due to:

· Communication problem among workers in the organization. For example worker cannot communicate with other staff different department.

· Problems which workers’ faced in their workplace normally involving the application. They can consult system administrator for the solution to their problems once the system is implemented.

· Problem in monitoring daily activities of staff.

download [Employee Information System (EIS)]

August 11, 2010

Selamat b'puasa semua...

Selamat Berpuasa rakan2 sekalian..Hiasi hari anda dengan amal ibadat,gandakan pahala,hapuskan dosa..(",)

August 7, 2010

Short Story - The Pure Love

The Pure Love

It's is still clear in my mind of what my life has been for the past few years, memories involving happy and despair moment happened since I was 6 years old. I remembered clearly of that moment where it is the happiest moment ever and ever since, there are no other events in my life that can replace it. I was running happily around a big bungalow house with my friends as we were playing a cop and thief game. I always love to be a cop and chase my friends and that is the reason why I chose to become a policeman as my profession now. While I was running, suddenly there's a loud voice coming and I recalled that voice coming from my guardian, Mr Sabu. So I halted my pursue towards my friends and instead running to Mr Sabu's office.

“Ahmad.. Let me introduce you to Mr and Mrs Abu Bakar.” said Mr. Sabu while pointing to a two anonymous character standing next to him.

Slowly, Mr Abu Bakar approached me and lifts his right hand and touches my hair gently while saying “How are you Ahmad? Mr Sabu has told many things about you and we are glad to become your new guardians.” he said with a big smile on his face.

As a child I don't know what to do and at first I feel afraid because as soon Mr Abu said those things, Mr Sabu said that i'm going to a new home and that I'm going to have my own family now.

I was speechless and stunned because I never been to any other places far away from my home and I never expect for this moment to come so soon. I realized that I'm going to leave behind all my friends and maybe I'm not going see them again.

After saying goodbye to all my friends and Mr Sabu, I was brought to a new home. Along the journey, I slept after tired running around earlier on and as soon as I woke up, I saw myself in a room with many toys and books around. Suddenly Mr Abu Bakar appeared in front of me and said “This is going to be your room from now on son and I'm going to be your father and take very good care of you.” While I raised my feet on the ground and start walking toward him, he started to carry me and whisper to me “You don't need to call me Mr Abu Bakar anymore and instead call me dad!”. For the first time in my life I feel that I've been loved again and from the way they treated me I feel so happy and lucky at the same time that I have my own family now.

Every day before the day that changed my life came, I was treated nicely and they have given me so much things where they never hesitate to buy. I love them more and more each day and the relationship between me and them are so close as if I was treated as their own child. I don't even remembered that I was adopted either and treated them as my true parent. Every time I went back from school I wished that I could reach home as fast as I could so that I could have lunch with them especially my dad before he went to his office. In my school, I made up a lot of friends and they are so kind to me. At night, before having dinner with my family I remembered my dad would pick me up from learning how to recite Al-Quran and before I went to bed, he would tell me bedtime stories.

I wake up after a sudden blast sound from my neighbor’s radio. I rub both of my eyes and realize that it was all just a dream from my childhood's moment. My eyes still hardly opened but my ears catch the music that is being played which a song is sung by a band called Maroon Five with their song title's Misery. I grab my clock beside the desk lamp and turn off the alarm. The needle (hand) of the clock shows that it's 8 o'clock in the morning (The clock struck 8 in the morning. After taking a shower and clean up my room, I decided to drive around the town before I go to the hospital. Since I work as policeman, I started to live by my own since I've been stationed to Sarawak around 3 years ago before being transferred back to the city near to my hometown. Since then my parent rarely call me until the past few days.

While I was driving and thinking of my parent's calls, suddenly a memory of despair occur in the past come out from nowhere in my mind. It was raining heavily, and by that time I went to my neighbor house as he invited me to play computer games with him. I knew that I had to go home before my dad's returned from work as he promised me to buy me some books. As I reached home, my father was hugging my mother and I've never seen him so happy like that before. Then he ran towards me and said that I'm going to become a brother soon. At first I didn't know what he meant by that and as soon as my mum delivered a baby, then I know that the baby will be my brother. I was so happy to have him in my life and since that day also my life has changed drastically.

My parent named my dear brother, Naim after my grandfather agreed with it. Slowly like when someone has been poisoned and it spread throughout the whole body where it's just a matter of time that it happen to me. From the day my brother came to this world, slowly my parent's love toward me fade away. Whenever I played with him and argue, my parents would blame me even though it was not my fault. Everything I did always wrong in their eyes and everything that my brother did always being supported by them. I felt that my life is at the recession point by that time and I wish that time can be fast forward but it's never been better instead got worse than ever. There's once when my dad punishes me with a thick stick (There was once when my father canned me) for making my brother cry and because I was too stubborn to admit that I was wrong. From the experiences I have, I become a different person with more patience and strong will.

That is when I remembered that I was an orphan and adopted by my parent when I was 6. One out of curiosity I went to my old home where I was raised before. I went there and I saw an old man with a shredded shirt and shorts showering (watering) the flowers in front of the house.

“Is this Mr Sabu's house? Is he still living here?” I asked with a slow tone of voice.

“Yes you are right young man. I am Mr Sabu. Why are you looking for him?” he replied me confidently.

“Don't you remember me Mr Sabu? I am Ahmad, I was raised by you before a married couple took me.” I said to him and started to hug him. He responded favorably and from the way he looked at me he seems so excited.

“It's been a long time and I cannot believe I see u again today. How's your life has been? Must be good as you seem so happy and you are also so good looking now.” he said while laughing slowly.

“Yeah.. I also cannot believe that I can see you again.” I respond back to him and he started to bring me inside the house.

There's not much changed to that house exteriorly but inside I can't seem to recognize most of the things. Only the rooms where I used to sleep with my friends hasn't changed much. We chat for quite a long time and we even had our lunch while he's telling the story about my true parent. From his stories, I was shocked to hear that I was found almost dead in the bush. Mr Sabu is the one that saved me after hearing my cries and raised me along with other orphans. He didn't know the whereabouts of my real parent and he also didn't lodge any police report. I feel like crying when I heard about the story and I couldn't imagine how my parent could abandon me. Before I leave the house and went back to home I remembered I gave him some money and hug him again and told him maybe this is the last time that we met.

A ringtone of my phone suddenly stop me from thinking about the past and I start to put my earphone to my left ear and answer the call.

“Hello Mr. Ahmad, this is a call from Hospital Bahagia. We would like to remind you of the appointment you made which is at 11 o'clock.” said a soft woman's voice.

“Sure. I am on my way and almost reach there. Thanks”. I reply.

As soon as I left my car to the front gate of the hospital, my bestfriend who is also working with me in the same department walk towards me.

“Are you sure you are going to do this? Please think again, there might be other solution to this. He said with a sad voice.

“I know what I did, here is the key to my car and take a good care of it. It's yours now. You have been a great buddy to me and always being supportive to me. Thank you.” I replied and rush towards the main door. I can sense that he's also following me behind.

“Excuse me, I have made an appointment and here's the letter.” I asked the receptionist.

“Sure, follow me sir.” the beautiful nurse reply.

The young nurse takes me to the doctor and started to put me in the green surgery cloth.

“May I take a look at my brother before we did this operation?” I said to the doctor.

He brings me to the next room and I went to my brother's bed watching him for the last time before I undergo the operation. I told both of my parents that we are going to visit him together in the evening and that I'm going to wait them at the hospital. I have decided that I'm going to give my organ for him and I know that it's going to cost my life in return.

I've been taken to the operation room and before the operation begins, I remind myself that this is how I'm going to pay for what my parent had did to me, because without them I am not where I am today. I understand their love towards my brother or their own child is as deep as they have waited for so long to have their own child. This is the last moment of my life.

“Thanks for taking care of me mother and father and I never hate you my brother.” the last words that I said in my heart.

“Goodbye world”. I added.



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