September 11, 2009

FYP : Comment from another lecturer about FYP

Week 1 comment (11/09/2009)
Lecturer 1 :

-should include projection background section
Problem statement
-not clearly spelled out
-those are not objectives but problems with the current system
-waterfall model is not suitable for FYP because of time and activities usually do not really follows phrases in the model, choose more suitable methoodology such as RAD
-does not clearly spelled out
Project Significant
-not clearly spelled out
Project schedule
-please also prepare in Gantt Chart form
Project outcome
-not clearly spelled out, should be system and also other outcomes expected from the project such as FYP report.

Lecturer 2 :

1. Please redo the proposal. The whole proposal is not correctly written. Please refer to supervisor on this matter.

1 comment:

  1. the 3rd lecturer lom ada komen ke? just put in here also. at least awk tau apa yg awk kena update. :)



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